Frequently asked questions

What is Crypto Charted?

Crypto Charted is a cryptocurrency newsletter curated and predominately written by Maren Altman. While her focus is astrological and technical analysis, the newsletter is designed to provide a platform for alternative predictive models and featured analysts to display their forecasts.

What cryptocurrencies do you cover?

Bitcoin and Ethereum are covered every month, with other coins mentioned as relevant to the major news. The U.S. stock market is also often mentioned.

Why should I subscribe to Crypto Charted?

Astrological perspective combined with technical and fundamental analysis in such a detailed way can be found nowhere else. Also, Maren’s analysis of her own wins and losses allows for transparency and thorough research as we look back at the track record of predictions.

What is included in a subscription?

  • Subscription Includes: Exclusive Monthly Newsletter and Access to Newsletter Website
  • Trading Insights & Early Access to Crypto Content
  • In-depth Monthly Astrological Analysis of Bitcoin + Ethereum
Other Perks Could Be Added or Removed, they currently include:
  • Access to Crypto Charted Discord Server
  • Astrological Commentary on Relevant News Stories + Trends
  • Guest Written Articles and Oppurtinities To Become A Writer

What is your refund policy?

We currently do not offer refunds but you can cancel your subscription at anytime.

Do I need to remember to pay by a certain date each month?

Nope! Subscription is self-renewing every month on the same day you subscribed.

What is the Beta period happening currently?

Beta is the phase we're in with the launch of this product. This allows us to get feedback from the community on things we could change or improve and test out different features, platforms, and software to see what works. This also gives you the oppurtunity to try the newsletter at a lower cost and lock in beta tester pricing!