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August Newsletter

Out of every month this year, I’m personally most curious for how August will turn out.

This is because Jupiter will have re-entered Aquarius just two days before the start of the month, meaning that this month will demonstrate whether the suspected theory of Jupiter in Pisces being bearish will play out as the bull market hopefully fully resumes.

Also, with pandemic variant news developing, it will be interesting to see if Jupiter’s re-ingress into Aquarius corresponds with some degree of lockdowns being reinforced, as I suspected as far back as 2020. This may have effects on the general market, and therefore crypto as well.

As much as I do not like to be overly bullish, as I think it can lead to more harm than good in terms of trading choices and emotional decision-making, the aspects to Bitcoin’s chart make me optimistic for a possible rebound, especially up to the New Moon on the 9th, then after the Full Moon on the 22nd, for the general crypto market.


  • 1st: Sun/Mercury cazimi on BTC South Node

  • 1st: Venus trine BTC Sun

  • 1st: Mars trine BTC Pluto

  • 6th: Venus opposite BTC Uranus

  • 7th: Mars trine BTC Mars

  • 8th: New Moon in Leo

  • Opposite BTC Chiron

  • 8th: Venus conjunct BTC Saturn

  • 10th: Saturn retrograde conjunct BTC North Node

  • Within 1º orb until about the 20th

  • 12th: Mercury opposite BTC Jupiter

  • 15th: Venus trine BTC Jupiter

  • 18th: Venus trine BTC Mercury

  • 19th: Mercury + Mars trine BTC Sun

  • 22nd: Full Moon in Aquarius

  • 24th: Mercury conjunct BTC Saturn

  • 31st: Mercury trine BTC Mercury

The month does open on a difficult note, with the Sun and Mercury crossing over BTC South Node, an indication of decrease. When activated, it tends to mean a price plunge.

However, the 1st as well have Venus trine BTC Sun and Mars trine BTC Pluto. These are 2 strong favorables, meaning that we could have a volatile day, or two positives outweighing one challenging. I lean towards the latter.

On the 6th, we have Venus opposing BTC Uranus. With Uranus often indicating volatility, this looks like possibly a volatile day towards the upside. And on the 7th with Mars trine the BTC Mars, this is generally an indication of strength as well.

The 8th is the New Moon in Leo. New Moons generally correlate to local tops in Bitcoin’s chart, and this one will be opposite asteroid Chiron in the BTC chart. While I am unsure how Chiron will play into this, within a one-day range of the New Moon, we usually have a local top.

The 8th has Venus conjoining BTC Saturn too. As Saturn rules limits and boundaries, perhaps we are sharply rejected at a resistance level for this New Moon.

A more long-term indicator will be Saturn conjunct BTC North Node July 10th. It’s within 1º orb until about the 20th, but it is most exact on the 10th. Saturn, indicative of limits, as mentioned above, joining the North Node, an indicator of the potential to increase, probably means not being able to increase further. It could be solidifying the ability to increase, but given it follows the New Moon, I doubt that and see it as a more bearish indicator.

On the 12th, Mercury opposes BTC Jupiter. Watch for potential bullish news even though I suspect a downtrend into the Full Moon on the 22nd.

The 15th has Venus trine Bitcoin’s Jupiter while the 18th has Venus trine Bitcoin’s Mercury, both bullish. I am cautious, however, given the downtrend into the Full Moon. The abundance of positive aspects amidst the suspected downtrend is what makes me more bullish for this month, alongside Jupiter re-entering Aquarius. By the 19th, Mercury and Mars trine BTC Sun, another strong bullish signal. So perhaps as we go into the likely local bottom of the Full Moon on the 22nd, the “local bottom” is a lower high rather than a crashing down.

The 24th has Mercury crossing BTC Saturn, which is likely bearish or unsettling news. However, we end the note with likely bullish news as Mercury trines BTC Mercury. With so many Mercury aspects this month, it looks like we could be getting the news catalysts necessary to break out of this painful low-30k’s range.


  • Whole month: Uranus square ETH Mercury

  • Most exact early on

  • 2nd: Venus trine ETH Pluto

  • 6th: Sun conjunct ETH Mercury

  • 8th: New Moon in Leo

  • Close to ETH Mercury

  • Trine ETH Uranus within 2º

  • 10th: Venus sextile ETH Mars

  • 10th: Mercury conjunct ETH Jupiter + square ETH Saturn

  • 12th: Mercury conjunct ETH Venus

  • 12th: Venus trine ETH Moon

  • 12th: Sun trine ETH Uranus

  • 17th: Venus conjunct ETH North Node

  • 18th: Jupiter opposite ETH Jupiter

  • 19th: Mercury + Mars trine ETH Pluto

  • 20th: Sun conjunct ETH Jupiter

  • 22nd: Full Moon in Aquarius

  • Within 2º of opposing ETH Jupiter

  • Within 1º of opposing ETH Venus

  • 27th: Venus square ETH Pluto

This whole month, Uranus will be squaring ETH Mercury, most exact early on in the month. Uranus indicates volatility and shocking events, and squaring Ethereum’s natal Mercury, this could deal with news leading to dramatic price shifts throughout the month, even more so than ETH’s usual volatility. With this most exact early on, I am hoping for upward volatility into the New Moon on the 8th.

The 2nd has Venus trine ETH Pluto, a strong bullish aspect, with the 6th having the Sun conjoin ETH Mercury, which could indicate powerful bullish news. Then the 8th’s New Moon in Leo, being a New Moon, usually correlates with local tops. Given the lack of maturity compared to Bitcoin, I do not swing trade ETH based on the lunar cycle since the correlation still exists but less reliably in a range. However, this lunation is close to ETH Mercury and trine ETH Uranus within 2º, both bullish. It may be reinforced as a local top as a result.

There are a series of positive aspects even after the New Moon local top signal. The 10th has both Venus sextiling ETH Mars and Mercury conjoining ETH Jupiter while squaring ETH Saturn. Altogether, the Venus sextile to Mars and Mercury conjunction to Jupiter are positive, while the Mercury square to Saturn is a bit challenging. With two positives outweighing the one challenging, this may be a bullish day even as we correct overall from the New Moon on the 8th. The 12th holds Mercury conjoining ETH Venus, Venus trine ETH Moon, and the Sun trine ETH Uranus. This is also a very heavily positive, likely bullish, day.

The 17th, 18th, 19th, and 20th continue this. The 17th has Venus crossing ETH North Node while the 18th has Jupiter opposing ETH Jupiter. On the 19th, Mercury and Mars trine ETH Pluto. And finally, the 20th holds the Sun conjoining ETH Jupiter, another very bullish indicator. So while the trend should be down until the Full Moon on the 22nd, so many positive aspects have me questioning if ETH will continue up during this time.

The Full Moon on the 22nd is within 2º of opposing ETH Jupiter and within 1º of opposing ETH Venus, both generally bullish indicators that following this lunation, upward should be clear. The 27th does end on an iffy note, as Venus squaring ETH Pluto is a bit more destructive and could be a correction.


  • 2nd: Mars square DOGE Mercury

  • 2nd: Venus square DOGE Sun

  • 6th: Sun trine DOGE Sun

  • 8th: New Moon in Leo

  • Loose trine to DOGE sun

  • 11th: Venus trine DOGE Venus

  • 14th: Mars trine DOGE Pluto

  • 17th: Mercury trine DOGE Pluto

  • 19th: Mercury + Mars sextile DOGE Sun

  • 22nd: Full Moon in Aquarius

  • Close to DOGE Neptune

  • 22nd: Venus opposite DOGE Uranus

  • 24th: Pluto conjunct DOGE Venus

  • 24th: Venus trine DOGE Pluto

DOGE opens on a rough note with Mars squaring the DOGE Mercury on the 2nd. However, Venus is also squaring DOGE Sun, usually positive. These together may combine into bearish news that results in fairly decent upward price action somehow.

The 6th then has the Sun trine the DOGE Sun, which is lightly positive. And the New Moon in Leo on the 8th is in a loose trine to the DOGE Sun, so while DOGE’s chart is not reliable enough to correlate super usefully to moon phases, knowing that BTC will likely go down from here helps us react accordingly to DOGE perhaps correcting until the Full Moon as well.

The 11th does have Venus trine DOGE Venus, a pretty strong bullish aspect, and the 14th has Mars trine DOGE Pluto, also a strong aspect. The 17th then has Mercury trine DOGE Pluto, another bullish indicator. And with the 19th having a Mercury/Mars sextile to the DOGE Sun, the eight-day period of the 11th to the 19th looks cautiously good for DOGE.

The 22nd’s Full Moon in Aquarius is close to the DOGE Neptune, which could indicate price breakdown going into the Full Moon to then rise up out of. With Venus opposite the DOGE Uranus this day, sharp volatility downward and then possibly upward after seems likely.

The 24th holds Pluto conjunct the DOGE Venus as Venus trines the DOGE Pluto. With Venus indicating price or market health and Pluto representing upheaval and destruction, the 24th is inevitably a major day for some kind of major, either upside or downside, for DOGE. Likely after the Full Moon, I am thinking up.

Disclaimer: Any of the contents contained in this newsletter are not financial advice. Do not buy or sell based solely on what you read here. This is for educational purposes only and does not contain individual financial recommendations for or against certain choices.

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