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Disclaimer: Any of the contents contained in this newsletter are not financial advice. Do not buy or sell based solely on what you read here. This is for educational purposes only and does not contain individual financial recommendations for or against certain choices. 

Doge June

o Whole month: Jupiter in Pisces conjunct DOGE Neptune in Pisces

Most exact on the 20th

o Whole month: Jupiter in Pisces square DOGE Mercury in Sagittarius

Most exact on the 20th

o 3rd: Mars in Cancer opposite DOGE Venus in Capricorn

o 10th: Mars in Cancer sextile DOGE Mars in Virgo

o 11th: Solar Eclipse in Gemini

Opposite DOGE Sun + Mercury

Trine DOGE Moon

o 11th: Venus in Cancer opposite DOGE Pluto in Capricorn

o 15th: Mars in Leo trine DOGE Mercury in Sagittarius

o 17th: Venus in Cancer trine DOGE Saturn in Scorpio

o 18th: Venus in Cancer conjunct DOGE Jupiter in Cancer

o 22nd: Mars in Leo opposite DOGE Moon in Aquarius

o 23rd: Venus in Cancer opposite DOGE Venus in Capricorn

o 29th: Venus in Leo trine DOGE Mercury in Sagittarius

Dogecoin’s astrology is much more lighthearted this month than that of Bitcoin or Ethereum. This is not to say that it will “do better”, but that, as we can reason, it will have more substantial pumps that lead it to outperform BTC or ETH, though the risk of not timing trades right is there with DOGE to counter that possible reward.

This whole month, Jupiter in Pisces will be close to the DOGE Neptune. Jupiter, as we’ve reiterated with BTC and ETH’s astrology, is a very bullish indicator when in aspect to natal planets in a chart. Neptune represents otherworldly dreams and nightmares, illusions, delusions, intoxication, addiction, etcetera, in a non-financial context, and therefore is pretty straightforward ridiculous euphoria when applied to financial markets. DOGE therefore looks ridiculously bullish for much of June, with this being most exact on the 20th.

Jupiter will also be square DOGE’s Mercury in Sagittarius, hinting at optimistic news, also going most intense on the 20th. Jupiter will then station retrograde and begin to slowly back away, perhaps indicating less bullish attention as we enter July.

The 3rd opens the month with Mars in Cancer opposite the DOGE Venus in Capricorn, looking unfavorable. However, on the 10th with Mars in Cancer sextile the DOGE Mars in Virgo, market conviction may increase again, building price back up.

The Solar Eclipse (New Moon) on the 11th should be a local top for DOGE, though transiting Venus will be opposite DOGE’s Pluto, an indication of possible price breakdown, which reinforces the “pump, then dump” quality of New Moons. But with the 15th having Mars in Leo trine to the DOGE Mercury in Sagittarius, it looks like sentiment strengthens substantially again, and the 17th having Venus in Cancer trine the DOGE Saturn in Scorpio also looks very favorable for not breaking down too far following the New Moon pump.

The 18th looks extremely bullish. Venus in Cancer will conjoin the DOGE Jupiter in Cancer. Venus conjoining Jupiter is as good as you can generally get, so I am definitely keeping my eye on the 18th-21st period (given Jupiter’s alignment on the 20th, discussed above) for major pumps.

The 22nd has Mars in Leo opposite the DOGE Moon in Aquarius, which does look unfavorable, though the same day has Venus in Cancer opposite the DOGE Venus in Capricorn, which looks favorable. A mixed, volatile day can be expected on the 23rd. With the 29th having Venus in Leo trine DOGE Mercury in Sagittarius, even as Jupiter begins to back away and indicate that later this summer may not be so bullish, we could get some strong news to pump the price up as we end the month too. Watch for Elon tweets!

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