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Disclaimer: Any of the contents contained in this newsletter are not financial advice. Do not buy or sell based solely on what you read here. This is for educational purposes only and does not contain individual financial recommendations for or against certain choices. 

ETH - Ethereum June


o Whole month: Jupiter in Pisces opposite ETH Venus in Virgo

Most exact earlier in month

o Whole month: Saturn retrograde opposite ETH Mercury

Most exact earlier in month

o 1st: Transiting Mars in Cancer conjunct ETH Mars in Cancer

o 2nd: Venus in Cancer sextile ETH Venus in Virgo

o 4th: Mars in Cancer opposite ETH Moon in Capricorn

o 8th: Mars in Cancer trine ETH Saturn in Scorpio

o 10th: Solar Eclipse in Gemini

Sextile ETH planets in Leo

o 10th: Venus in Cancer trine ETH Neptune in Pisces

o 19th: Venus in Cancer square ETH Uranus in Aries

o 21st: Venus in Cancer conjunct ETH Mars in Cancer

o 23rd: Venus in Cancer opposite ETH Moon in Capricorn

o 23rd: Mars in Leo conjunct ETH Sun

o 24th: Full Moon in Capricorn

Trine ETH Venus in Virgo

Sextile ETH Neptune in Pisces

Similarly to Bitcoin, as usual, volatility abounds for ETH. However, in all honesty, there’s some bigger red flags for corrections for ETH. I say this as someone who will continue to hold much more ETH than BTC for the foreseeable future of the bull run, given ETH’s potential to outperform. But naturally, if it’s a greater uptrend, there likely will be greater corrections, too.

The whole month, Jupiter in Pisces will be opposite ETH’s Venus in Virgo. Similar to Jupiter being conjunct, or right on top of BTC’s Venus, a Venus opposition is also generally a textbook favorable as well. There can be a “too good to be true” quality to the opposition, perhaps shown through reality checks of dramatic corrections.

Saturn will also have recently stationed retrograde within a degree of ETH’s Mercury and be within close range for the month. Saturn opposing Mercury represents Saturnian limits being put onto Mercurial news or price, but Saturn retrograde hints at that misfortune not quite happening, as retrogrades are reversals where the planet appears to (but cannot actually) move backwards through the zodiac. Therefore, perhaps we are expecting certain bearish news to reflect accordingly, and this doesn’t happen, even amidst other corrections.

The month opens on an unfavorable note on the 1st with Mars in Cancer returning to its 23º position that it is at in ETH’s chart. However, by the 2nd, when Venus in Cancer sextiles the ETH Venus in Virgo, things should be more bullish, as both Venuses connected by an aspect of harmony is favorable.

However, on the 4th, Mars in Cancer opposes the ETH Moon in Capricorn. This is not cute at all. Major, major red flags, given that both the Moon and Mars are in signs they prefer not to be in, indicating misfortune off the bat, let alone being in opposition with one another. Caution on June 4th. But with Mars in Cancer trine the ETH Saturn in Scorpio on the 8th, Mars representing market confidence and. Saturn often representing support or resistance levels, we should hit a clear floor and be back to a bullish trend on the 8th.

The Solar Eclipse on the 10th, technically a supercharged New Moon, is explained above with Bitcoin in how, given the correlations between New Moons and local tops, this could be a high point for Ethereum as well. With Venus in Cancer trine the ETH Neptune in Pisces this day as well, it does look incredibly euphoric for ETH. However, after New Moons, there are often local downtrends.

The 19th has Venus in Cancer square to the ETH Uranus in Aries. This could be a sudden pump and then dump, honestly. Venus squares can be favorable, but with Uranus’s volatility, I don’t see this being sustainable, so take caution here as well if we do pump.

The 21st has Venus in Cancer conjunct ETH’s Mars in Cancer, which is a mixed indicator in my opinion. Venus is favorable, but Mars is generally unfavorable, so I am not quite confident in this going either way when activated. If I had to choose, I would say that Venusian favorability was helping Martian price action maintain strength, but this is a day I will be watching to confirm.

Venus in Cancer opposes the ETH Moon in Capricorn on the 23rd, a bullish opposition given Venus is involved, but still perhaps “too good to be true” because of the nature of the opposition. So many favorable oppositions, which involve planets that are otherwise bullish but are in positions of tension, are why I am tentative about trading ETH this month. Could be really choppy even as we head up. An example of this is how on the 23rd as well, Mars in Leo will conjoin the ETH Sun, which could be really unfavorable. So the 23rd looks mixed both ways and likely will have volatility as a result.

The 24th is a Full Moon in Capricorn, and Full Moons are often local bottoms. With this lunation trine ETH’s Venus and sextile ETH’s Neptune, it definitely looks like a favorable one for ETH, and an uptrend from here is likely to emerge.

With even more volatility indicated for ETH even in the midst of the bull market, it is keeping me from using much (if any) leverage on trades for now. Looks exciting but not worth getting greedy and wrecked, at least for my strategic taste.

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