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Disclaimer: Any of the contents contained in this newsletter are not financial advice. Do not buy or sell based solely on what you read here. This is for educational purposes only and does not contain individual financial recommendations for or against certain choices. 

February 2022 Newsletter


  • 1st (right after midnight EST): New Moon in Aquarius

  • 1st-3rd: Venus in Capricorn trine Uranus in Taurus

  • Feb 3rd - April 29th: all planets are direct

  • 4th-5th: Sun conjunct Saturn in Aquarius

  • 7th-9th: Mars in Capricorn trine Uranus in Taurus

  • 10th-12th: Mercury conjunct Pluto in Capricorn

  • 12th-onward: Venus conjunct Mars in Capricorn

  • 16th: Full Moon in Leo

With all planets moving direct from February 3rd onward, and most planets leaving shadow by the second half of the month, February is truly the month that energetically defines moving forward into 2022.

We also have no FOMC meetings in February. So there is more ground for momentum to develop in the markets one direction or another rather than have volatility around the Fed meeting.

I was correct about a gnarly beginning of January but incorrect about a potential small rebound in the second half of the month. This was a great learning experience for me, as when I’ve done this before (expecting a relief bounce but being incorrect), it was due to world astrology being unfavorable even when BTC aspects were favorable. This confirms an intuitive yet easily overlooked hierarchy, wherein general transits of what’s happening in the sky will naturally be context for Bitcoin’s price action (and corresponding astrology), much like how I won’t look at the astrology of any altcoins alone and must base context off BTC.

The New Moon in Aquarius, which is conjunct Saturn and indicative of a very serious new beginning with the potential to ingrain dedication to build slowly and steadily, followed by Venus trine Uranus to propel us further into working smarter not harder, are incredible to see in terms of general astrology. The Sun/Saturn conjunction on the 4th-5th is also highly serious and pragmatic, though not necessarily in a deterring, negative sense.

Mars trine Uranus on the 7th-9th continues on the motivational energy of February, and Venus conjunct Mars in Capricorn is extremely focused. This is a no-bullshit month. This is a month for building.

There is not too much going on after the Full Moon in Leo on the 16th, a fun release of energy amidst a very serious month altogether. The momentum builds heavily early on as all planets go direct early on. Then with little new happening in the second half, expect a continuity rather than the speed to continue to increase.


  • Whole month: Pluto return

  • Exact Feb 20th

  • Whole month: Neptune opposition

  • Whole Month: Neptune square US Mars

  • 1st-2nd: Saturn trine US Saturn

  • 1st-2nd: Mars opposite US Jupiter

  • 1st: Mercury opposite US Mercury

  • 4th-11th: Jupiter square US Uranus

  • 6th-9th: Venus opposite US Sun

  • 10th: Venus square US Saturn

  • 11th-12th: Mercury conjunct US Pluto

  • 12th-14th: Mars square US Saturn

  • 12th-14th: Mars opposite US Sun

  • 13th-onward: Neptune square US Mars

  • 13th-14th: Venus square US Saturn

  • 22nd: Jupiter trine US Sun

  • 22nd-onward: Sun trine US Jupiter

  • 23rd-24th: Mars trine US Neptune

  • 23rd-25th: Venus trine US Neptune

  • 23rd-24th: Mercury trine US Uranus

  • 25th: Venus trine US Neptune

  • 25th-27th: Mars opposite US Mercury

  • 26th-27th: Venus opposite US Mercury

  • 26th-27th: Sun square US Uranus

The United States Pluto Return tones the entire month and has me tentatively waiting for popcorn to see what economic fallout there will be. With rate hikes, investors terrified, and many people sidelined, this month’s first exact hit of transiting Pluto conjunct the United States’s natal Pluto should be a good sign as to how the 2022-2023 Pluto Return period will play out.

The Neptune opposition (transiting Neptune opposite natal Neptune) is another transit indicative of civil tensions. Economic upheaval generally leads to social upheaval, and I believe the former is coming as we speak.

The astrology of the first week of February looks very reactionary and absurd in terms of political decision-making. Personally, I find both sides of the political spectrum to be over -reactionary, and I find the US astrology for the beginning of the month to mirror this sentiment as well. Neptune square US Mars, Saturn trine US Saturn, Mars opposite US Jupiter, Mercury opposite US Mercury, and Jupiter square US Uranus within the first week are very absurd, in my opinion. Expect dramatic news and overreactions.

The 22nd-onward has the Sun trine US Jupiter, followed by Mars trine US Neptune, Venus trine US Neptune, Mercury trine US Uranus, Venus trine US Neptune do show softening and working things out in the third week of February. The 25th-27th does have Mars opposite US Mercury, so inflammatory statements may tie up the month.


  • Whole Month: Neptune opposite BTC Saturn

  • 1st (right after midnight EST): New Moon in Aquarius near BTC North Node

  • 7th-11th: Venus conjunct BTC Sun

  • 10th-12th: Mars conjunct BTC Sun

  • 10th-11th: Sun conjunct BTC Neptune

  • 13th: Mercury conjunct BTC Jupiter

  • 16th: Full Moon in Leo, not particularly active

  • 17th: Mercury conjunct BTC Mercury

  • 18th-20th: Mars sextile BTC Uranus

  • 18th-19th: Sun conjunct BTC Venus

  • 19th-21st: Venus sextile BTC Uranus

  • 19th-20th: Sun sextile BTC Pluto

  • 22nd-23rd: Mars trine BTC Saturn

  • 22nd-24th: Venus trine BTC Saturn

  • 23rd-into March: Jupiter sextile BTC Sun

  • 23rd-24th: Sun sextile BTC Mars

  • 27th: Moon crossing BTC Jupiter

I do not like that the whole month has Neptune opposite BTC Saturn. This shows lack of clarity (Neptune) around boundaries (Saturn). Aka, support/resistance levels not respected. This makes for difficult trades, obviously, when levels are invalidated but then retraced, etc.

The New Moon on the 1st is happening near the BTC North Node, indicative of “increase” or ambition even in a non-financial sense. With New Moons often being local tops, likely there will be a pump into the 1st then dump after.

New Moon until Full Moon tends to be downtrend, or less bullish. So my least bullish period is from the New Moon on the 1st until the Full Moon on the 16th.

However, within that, Venus conjunct BTC Sun 7th-11th should be a period of some relief. In the general astrology, Mars trine Uranus during that time is also helpful for overall morale.

Sun conjunct BTC Neptune 10th-11th should be helpful as well on a more intraday level even during the bearish moon phase. On the 13th, Mercury conjunct BTC Jupiter could indicate uplifting news. The Full Moon on the 16th is not particularly active in the BTC chart, though it likely will indicate a local bottom and pivot to upside within a day or so of the full moon.

The aspects from the full moon onward are all generally favorable:

  • 17th: Mercury conjunct BTC Mercury

  • 18th-20th: Mars sextile BTC Uranus

  • 18th-19th: Sun conjunct BTC Venus

  • 19th-21st: Venus sextile BTC Uranus

  • 19th-20th: Sun sextile BTC Pluto

  • 22nd-23rd: Mars trine BTC Saturn

  • 22nd-24th: Venus trine BTC Saturn

  • 23rd-into March: Jupiter sextile BTC Sun

  • 23rd-24th: Sun sextile BTC Mars

  • 27th: Moon crossing BTC Jupiter

Though with the United States Pluto return hanging over US, I’m not overly optimistic. I’m cautiously preferring the last half of the month to the beginning-into-mid-month. But with the Pluto return, still probably looking to play ranges, sell rips, etc… Rather than call a bottom.


  • 1st: New Moon in Aquarius opposite within 2º of ETH Mercury

  • 1st-6th: Mercury opposite ETH Mars

  • 5th-13th: Jupiter conjunct ETH Neptune

  • 5th-6th: Mars sextile ETH Neptune

  • 7th-11th: Venus conjunct ETH Pluto

  • 8th-9th: Sun sextile ETH Uranus

  • 11th-12th: Mars conjunct ETH Pluto

  • 11th-13th: Mercury sextile ETH Saturn

  • 12th-13th: Pluto sextile ETH Saturn

  • 15th-16th: Sun opposite ETH Jupiter

  • 16th: Full Moon in Leo

  • Within 1º of ETH Jupiter

  • 16th-17th: Sun square ETH Saturn

  • 18th-19th: Sun opposite ETH Venus

  • 20th-22nd: Mars square ETH Uranus

  • 21st-22nd: Venus square ETH Uranus

  • 21st: Mercury opposite ETH Sun

  • 24th-28th: Jupiter sextile ETH Pluto

  • 25th-27th: Mars opposite ETH Mars

  • 25th-27th: Venus opposite ETH Mars

  • 27th-28th: Sun conjunct ETH Neptune

  • 28th: Venus conjunct ETH Moon

ETH astrology, as usual, mirrors BTC given how inverted their astrology is. With 180º oppositions between many BTC vs. ETH planets, the same aspect applies to both charts in many cases.

The New Moon in Aquarius is very close to the ETH Mercury, which is another strong confluence indication of a pump then pivot to downside following. Mercury opposite ETH Mars from the 1st-6th is also worrisome.

Jupiter conjunct ETH Neptune from the 5th till the 13th could show hopium and delusion. Jupiter is growth, and Neptune is euphoria. Be careful for when the music stops after this aspect, even though technically this is during the bearish moon phase portion anyway. From the 5th-6th, Mars sextile ETH Neptune is a bit helpful too. However, in larger context of 2-week downtrend from new to full moon, I probably won’t be expecting too much relief in there.

From the 7th-11th, Venus conjunct ETH Pluto shows a major transformation of narrative or thinking. Look for volatility. The 8th-9th has Sun sextile ETH Uranus, moderately helpful, but again, probably not outweighing larger bearish moon phase. Mars conjunct ETH Pluto 11th-12th is also a transformative, volatile aspect.

Mercury sextile ETH Saturn on the 11th-13th, Pluto sextile ETH Saturn from the 12th-13th, and Sun opposite ETH Jupiter on the 15th-16th are all moderately helpful leading into the Full Moon on the 16th. Within 1º of the ETH Jupiter, it could be a pivot to upside for a small bullish trend following. However, with Sun square ETH Saturn on the 16th-17th, I am cautious for another 24 hours after the full moon. Sun opposite ETH Venus is a bit volatile as well. Amidst the US Pluto return, I am not looking for a promising uptrend, just something immediate.

The 20th-22nd has Mars square ETH Uranus, and the 21st-22nd has Venus square ETH Uranus. These are very volatile indications. Mercury opposite ETH Sun during this time as well demonstrates possible fud or just relevant news. Amidst the US Pluto Return, I’m being cautious despite the bullish moon phase relative to the other half of the lunar cycle.

The 24th-28th has Jupiter sextile ETH Pluto, slightly bullish or at least just supportive, though Mars opposite ETH Mars the 25th-27th is not favorable. Venus opposite ETH Mars the 25th-27th, Sun conjunct ETH Neptune the 27th-28th, and Venus conjunct ETH Moon on the 28th are all lightly better. However, given shaky market conditions, I see these as cute favorables, not extreme bullish indications. Better than nothing, not hugely favorable.

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