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Disclaimer: Any of the contents contained in this newsletter are not financial advice. Do not buy or sell based solely on what you read here. This is for educational purposes only and does not contain individual financial recommendations for or against certain choices. 

January 2022 Newsletter


  • Jupiter now in Pisces

  • 2nd: New Moon in Capricorn

  • 8th-9th: Sun-Venus conjunction in Capricorn

  • 10th-12th: Mars in Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces

  • 16th-17th: Sun-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn

  • 17th: Full Moon in Cancer

  • Jan 18th: Uranus direct in Taurus

  • Jan 18th: Nodes enter Taurus/Scorpio

  • 23rd-31st: Venus in Capricorn trines Uranus in Taurus

  • 24th: Mars enters Capricorn

  • 28th: Mercury-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn

  • 29th: Venus stations direct in Capricorn

2022 starts off with vastly different astrology than we saw in 2021, and the market is probably in a state to show that as well. With my prediction that Jupiter entering Pisces late December would bring a correction, I hope I was wrong, but I can only stand by what I said and see that continuing into early January as well.

The New Moon in Capricorn on the 2nd speaks to very real “growing up” for the world in general, likely corresponding with new, possibly more conservative or even hawkish, measures in a financial context. I can’t say I have exact timeframes for Fed tapering based on what I see, but it does look like 2022 begins on a note of reeling some of the policy in.

The 8th-9th has Venus conjoining the Sun in Capricorn, a generally pretty lovely transit. Markets should perk up around then. However, by the 10th-12th when Mars squares Neptune, a confusing, tiring transit, things don’t look as great for overall world morale.

The Sun-Pluto conjunction on the 16th-17th likely will reveal manipulation or secrets in power structures, alongside the Cancer Full Moon on the 17th that also hints at revelation. Could be a shaky time for world events and the market in general.

The 18th is a big astrological day, as the nodes moving into Taurus and Scoprio alongside Uranus stationing direct in Taurus are major events. The exact day may not be extremely important, but it does mark the beginning of important astrological transits for months to come.

However, from the 23rd-onward into the end of January, Venus trine Uranus is great for sentiment in and out of markets, and Mars entering Capricorn on the 24th, given Mars is exalted there, is also helpful for world sentiment. The Mercury-Pluto conjunction on the 28th, however, may add to the shocking news and “truth coming to light” theme of this month, which may or may not have an effect on markets.

Luckily, on the 29th, Venus stations direct in Capricorn, ending the past month’s Venus retrograde which spoke to rethinking values in relationships, money, and wellbeing. Venus direct is helpful for the general market, which may have (likely, as I predict at the time of writing this slightly before Venus stations retrograde) a reversal effect to further downside.

The initial start to the year looks shaky, in market and morale. However by end of month, I expect some restabilization and upside.


  • jupiter newly re-entering pisces

  • 2nd: New Moon in Capricorn on BTC Sun

  • 3rd: Venus trine BTC Saturn + Mercury return in Aquarius

  • 9th: Mars trine BTC Uranus

  • 12th: Mars square BTC Saturn

  • 13th: Mars sextile BTC Neptune

  • Mercury Retrograde: Jan 14th - Feb 3rd: Aquarius/Capricorn

  • 17th: Venus retrograde crosses BTC Sun

  • 17th: Full Moon in Cancer

  • Jan 18th: Uranus direct in Taurus

  • Jan 18th: Nodes enter Taurus/Scorpio

  • 19th: Sun conjunct BTC Jupiter

  • 24th: Mars sextile BTC Venus

  • 24th: Jupiter sextile BTC Mars

  • 26th: Mars conjunct BTC Pluto

  • in Cap = strong

  • 29th: Sun crossing BTC North Node

  • Jan 29th: Venus stations direct in Capricorn

  • Venus Retrograde: Dec 20th, 2021 - Jan 29th, 2022

  • Jan 31st: BTC Mars return in Capricorn

Jupiter crossing Bitcoin’s Venus happened on May 16th, which was the first huge crash of the year, so I expect that it crossing the exact same point in Bitcoin’s chart on December 30th, 2021 will have a similar event. Therefore I expect to start the year off from a correction.

If I’m wrong it will literally be the exact inverse, as there’s no doubt this date will be highly important. But I’ll be shocked if it is inverted. I’m heavily sidelined as of early December, though as a small retail investor, I’m not too concerned about being out too early or timing the exact bottom, though getting in December 30th or the days following is my plan.

The New Moon in Capricorn on the 2nd should also be a “local top”, though after such a huge dump, I expect consolidation instead of a pump and then mega dump as we’ve seen throughout some other cycle moments. It is right on the BTC Sun, which could be a “new beginning” for Bitcoin in some more macro-related context. Then Venus trine BTC Saturn and Mercury crossing Bitcoin’s natal Mercury on the 3rd look bullish as well, so the 2nd-3rd could be some decently “up” days in the context of a downtrend, especially until the full moon on the 17th.

Mars trine BTC Uranus on the 9th is helpful, but Mars square BTC Saturn on the 12th is pretty bearish. Then Mars sextile BTC Neptune on the 13th is lightly favorable. This is, as a reminder, all under the context of the “bearish” moon phase or just more correlation towards a sideways or downtrend rather than an uptrend in this period.

Mercury stations retrograde January 14th, which is a strong correlation with a reversal of price action. This is where I can see strength regaining for the second half of the month.

The 17th is both a full moon (often a local bottom) and the day that Venus retrograde crosses BTC Sun. More congruence towards strength regaining.

With general world astrology, Uranus stationing direct in Taurus and the nodes of the moon entering Taurus/Scorpio on the 18th are all major astrological events, which likely lead to shaky world dynamics. Be cautious on the 18th.

The Sun crossing Bitcoin’s Jupiter on the 19th should be clearly bullish.

Mars sextile BTC Venus on the 24th, Jupiter sextile BTC Mars on the 24th, and Mars conjunct BTC Pluto on the 26th all point towards strength regaining. Mars joining BTC Pluto on the 26th is a bit of a tough combination, but in the sign of Capricorn where Mars is exalted, I lean more bullish.

The Sun crossing BTC North Node on the 29th alongside Venus stationing direct should be double bullish. Again, this is not suddenly straight shot to 100k. I anticipate strength regaining at the end of this month after a gnarly beginning to the year.


  • 2nd: New Moon in Cap on ETH Pluto

  • 2nd: Mars trine ETH Mercury

  • 3rd: Sun conjunct ETH Pluto

  • 17th-18th: Venus conjunct ETH Pluto

  • 20th: Mars trine ETH Jupiter

  • 24th: Mars trine ETH Venus

  • 24th: Saturn opposite ETH Mercury

  • 26th: Mercury sextile ETH Saturn

As there are fewer exact transits for ETH than there are for BTC, as usual, BTC will be context for ETH, though some transits for ETH do stand out as important. General astrology mentioned for Bitcoin relative to major events will especially carry over.

The New Moon in Capricorn on the 2nd is on ETH’s Pluto, indicative of serious, transformative energy… Looks like this new moon will be a major event for both BTC and ETH as it’s such a major transit for both. Mars trine ETH Mercury that day hints at it being a good day leading into the new moon, given new moons are usually local tops that have downside after.

The Sun conjunct ETH Pluto on the 3rd carries over the serious energy, probably bearish.

The middle of the month continues to not have exact transits for ETH as it does for BTC, but on the 17th-18th, Venus crossing ETH Pluto also hints at intense transits. Would lean bearish given Pluto is involved and Venus is retrograde. After the full moon on the 17th, things should pick up and strengthen to upside.

Mars trine ETH Jupiter on the 20th is bullish, as is Mars trine ETH Venus on the 24th. However, with Saturn opposite ETH Mercury as well on the 24th, I see that day as mixed, so I advise caution (not financial advice tho). Mercury sextile ETH Saturn on the 30th ends on a favorable note. See comments above about BItcoin for context about this not being a $20k to $100k month or anything that dramatic. More of a definite correction early to strength regained end of January.

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