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Disclaimer: Any of the contents contained in this newsletter are not financial advice. Do not buy or sell based solely on what you read here. This is for educational purposes only and does not contain individual financial recommendations for or against certain choices. 

July Newsletter


What is the state of the market?

I won’t pretend to know. As I write this in mid-June, the bullish uptrend I expected for the beginning of the month may have just arrived without return to an over-40k Bitcoin, but with such crazy mixed astrology, I don’t want to get ahead of myself.

What does continue to seem true is the fact that the bull run isn’t over, though it may be holding an intermission. We didn’t nuke to 15k, and the Mercury retrograde “reversal of price action” still tends to be holding as we range instead of going down as we were in May.

If I’m honest, for Bitcoin in particular, this continues to be a really mixed month. I think we’re still in recovery mode, not necessarily retesting all-time-high mode. I cannot look at the astrology for this month and think that it screams full-on bull run.

However, it looks less dire than June’s mixed bag of crab ranging. From the time of writing this in mid-June, it looks like we could be resuming an uptrend but not go up only, as there’s clear hiccups along the way. I’m bullish, but cautious, and will be discussing my exact trades and setups in videos throughout July.

Jupiter Re-entering Aquarius

Though myself and other astrology analysts saw Jupiter moving into Pisces mid-May as a likely bullish indicator, it corresponded with the largest correction (crash, more accurately) to date. So that was definitely a learning point, to say the least.

However, planetary ingresses (when a planet enters a new sign of the zodiac) have actually consistently aligned with selloffs, if we are to backtest it. So, in hindsight, I can say that I was misguided by not paying attention to previous ingress trends.

Jupiter stationed retrograde in Pisces on June 20th and will re-enter Aquarius at the end of July. With Jupiter entering Pisces having such a dire correlation with the market, we may be able to expect a sigh of relief when Jupiter re-enters Aquarius.

On the other hand, being a planetary ingress, it could be a repeat selloff. However, given it was in Aquarius before entering Pisces, I do not suspect this.

What I do suspect is a stronger market to finish off the very end of the month into August. While Jupiter in Pisces was a shocking letdown to my expectations, its re-entrance into Aquarius should be bullish as a result.


  • 1st: Mercury square BTC Uranus

  • 4th: Venus conjunct BTC South Node

  • 4th: Sun opposite BTC Sun

  • 9th: New Moon in Cancer

  • 11th/12th: Mars and Venus opposite BTC Chiron

  • 12th: Mercury opposite BTC Pluto

  • 15th: Mercury opposite BTC Mars

  • 15th: Venus and Mars opposite BTC Neptune

  • 21st: Sun opposite BTC Jupiter

  • 22nd: Venus opposite BTC Venus

  • 22nd: Venus trine BTC Pluto

  • 23rd: Full Moon in Aquarius

  • 25th: Jupiter retrograde conjunct BTC Venus

  • 26th: Venus trine BTC Mars

  • 27th: Venus opposite BTC Jupiter

  • 29th: Mercury opposite BTC Mercury

Looks like a rough start to the month for Bitcoin. Transiting Mercury (news) square Bitcoin’s natal Uranus (volatility) on the 1st could be sudden FUD that then leads to even more of a selloff as Venus crosses Bitcoin’s South Node, an indicator of decrease and release, on the 4th. The Sun also opposing Bitcoin’s Sun that day is minor but doesn’t help. It seems pretty clearly unfavorable to start out July, though as we approach the New Moon on the 9th, generally a local top signal, those days on the 1st and 4th could just mark hiccups on that upward momentum.

As New Moons are generally local tops but do not account for momentum increasing or decreasing in price direction, we can expect to dump after the 9th, but not necessarily into a reliable range. For that, we will need to see where we are at closer to that date and, if you swing trade based on the lunar cycle like me, respond accordingly then.

The 11th/12th has Mars and Venus in Leo opposite Bitcoin’s natal Chiron. Chiron represents vulnerability and woundedness in psychological astrology, so I am totally unsure what this aspect will indicate for Bitcoin as a financial entity. However, on the 12th, with Mercury opposite the BTC Pluto, this doesn’t look too favorable. Some news could come to disrupt smooth sailing. Mercury opposite BTC Mars on the 15th looks clearly unfavorable too. On the lookout for mid-month FUD. Alongside that, Venus and Mars opposite BTC Neptune that day looks like price action that defies technical expectations, as if we have a deeper correction than expected.

However, on the 21st, the Sun opposite BTC Jupiter looks more favorable. And the 22nd, with Venus opposite BTC Venus, it looks be a big “breaking point” day to see if we flip one way or another, as Venus transits are favorable, but oppositions are tense. Venus trine BTC Pluto looks strong, though, so I am tentatively bullish for a rebound around this time. The Full Moon in Aquarius being a general local bottom signal to rebound from makes sense with these as well. With the 25th having Jupiter conjunct the BTC Venus, that seems bullish as well, though last time this happened with Jupiter direct, there was a selloff. I will not be taking a levered position on the 25th as a result.

The 26th has Venus trine BTC Mars, which is very favorable, and further makes sense with the uptrend after the Full Moon.The 27th’s Venus opposite BTC Jupiter is also bullish, but with Mercury opposite BTC Mercury on the 29th, prepare for possibly rocky news to end the month, though it doesn’t look dire.


  • 1st: Venus conjunct ETH Sun

  • 4th: Mars conjunct ETH Mercury

  • 9th: Venus conjunct ETH Mercury

  • 9th: New Moon in Cancer

  • Square ETH Uranus within 3º

  • 13th: Venus and Mars trine ETH Uranus

  • 16th: Sun conjunct ETH Mars

  • 19th: Venus conjunct ETH Jupiter

  • 20th: Venus square ETH Saturn

  • 22nd: Venus conjunct ETH Venus

  • 23rd: Full Moon in Aquarius

  • 25th: Mars conjunct ETH Jupiter

  • 29th: Sun conjunct ETH Sun

July opens on a very mixed note for ETH. The 1st has Venus opposite ETH’s Sun which looks favorable, but 4the 4th has Mars conjunct ETH Mercury, signaling possible FUD or bad news. By the 9th, though, with the Cancer New Moon signaling a possible local top alongside Venus conjunct ETH’s Mercury, it looks really bullish. Though with the New Moon square ETH’s Uranus, the volatility could be a sharp downtrend after.

The 13th with Venus and Mars trine ETH Uranus also looks favorable, though, so a rally may ensue even after the 9th’s local top probability of the New Moon. The 16th’s Sun conjunct ETH Mars could highlight market conviction or be problematic, so I am open to learning from this transit, but lean towards bearish.

However, with the 19th having Venus conjoin ETH’s Jupiter, this looks much more bullish, and on the 20th, Venus square ETH’s Saturn could be hitting a new resistance or support level, given Venus often indicates price while Saturn is limitation.

The 22nd’s Venus conjunct ETH’s Venus is starkly bullish alongside the 23rd’s Full Moon in Aquarius likely local bottom could mean a big pump. Mars conjunct ETH’s Jupiter on the 25th is bullish, and ETH’s Solar Return with the Sun returning to its position in the ETH chart on the 29th should be favorable as well, though end of month can be problematic.


  • 2nd: Venus opposite DOGE Moon

  • 4th: Venus square DOGE Uranus

  • 5th: Mars trine DOGE Sun

  • 9th: New Moon in Cancer

  • Within 2º of DOGE Jupiter

  • 9th: Venus trine DOGE Sun

  • 10th: Mars square DOGE Saturn

  • 11th: Venus square DOGE Saturn

  • 11th: Sun conjunct DOGE Jupiter

  • 16th: Sun opposite DOGE Venus

  • 18th: Mercury opposite DOGE Pluto

  • 22nd: Mercury conjunct DOGE Jupiter

  • 23rd: Venus square DOGE Mercury

  • 23rd: Full Moon in Aquarius

  • 25th: Mercury opposite DOGE Venus

  • 29th: Mercury trine DOGE Mercury

Out of all of the coins discussed, July looks perhaps like the most dramatic for DOGE. Opening with Venus opposite the DOGE Moon on the 2nd and Venus square the DOGE Uranus on the 4th, these look like very strong favorables. And on the 5th, Mars trine DOGE Sun shows market conviction, as if there is a new development for DOGE to garner support.

The Cancer New Moon on the 9th is within 2º of the DOGE Jupiter, and with Venus trine the DOGE Sun that day as well, it looks extremely favorable. Might be a “sell the news” type situation to plan for. However, on the 10th, Mars square the DOGE Sun looks pretty rough. And the 11th is mixed, with Venus square DOGE Saturn indicating probably hitting a support/resistance level, while the Sun conjunct DOGE Jupiter is pretty favorable. I’d hold caution after the New Moon on the 9th for a few days of mixed indicators.

The 16th holds the Sun opposite DOGE Venus, an interesting slight favorable, while the 18th has Mercury opposite the DOGE Pluto, which could indicate some polarizing news. I’d be careful around this date.

The 22nd has Mercury conjunct the DOGE Jupiter, which looks like very strong favorable news, and by the 25th, with Mercury opposite the DOGE Venus, some kind of media narrative appears strong by the end of the month. With the 29th’s Mercury trine the DOGE Mercury, I am honestly most bullish on DOGE this month. I won’t be betting my net worth on this given my lack of focus on DOGE astrology versus BTC or ETH, but it will be interesting to track.

Closing comments

With so many planets entering or transiting Leo this month, opposite to Saturn in Aquarius, it indicates a collective battle between lighthearted creativity and more serious foundations in many aspects of our own lives.

I do wonder if this will play out in financial markets with a resurgence of memecoins or lighthearted NFT games alongside those in the space who want to prioritize more substantial, serious projects amidst tiresome memecoin craziness earlier in the year.

Given this highlighted conflict, it may be important to analyze our own portfolios and see if we want to focus on following hype to maximize gains around trends in the space or if we feel more comfortable holding assets we authentically are in for the long-term. There isn’t really one answer, as there are times I want to ride up the hype for gains or solidify my long-term holdings for simplicity, but it definitely feels like a marketwide reckoning this month.

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