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Disclaimer: Any of the contents contained in this newsletter are not financial advice. Do not buy or sell based solely on what you read here. This is for educational purposes only and does not contain individual financial recommendations for or against certain choices. 

June Overview "It can also mean that there is confusion or “going back” around market price action."

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

As we continue through the thick of this bull run, I think it’s important to prepare for what assets may or may not be supportive to carry through the bear market, if we expect that to follow. The supercycle narrative might come true, but as discussed on my recent podcast episode with BitBoy Crypto, we essentially should prepare as if it isn’t, in case it just isn’t.

A rule of thumb that is NOT hard-and-fast but can be something to consider is that, if something is technical, has been around for awhile, and does not depend on flashy marketing, it might literally be something to be “in for the tech”. Chainlink (LINK) comes to mind. As a joke, I call it an inversely correlated asset to the rest of crypto, given it performs fairly well in bear markets and has been, frankly, a fucking letdown this bull cycle. This is rumored to be caused by Sergey (LINK founder) dumping substantial sums to pay for his expenses. Who knows.

Everest (ID) is an “everything on the blockchain” project which largely focuses on biometrics being readily available, alongside a wallet feature. I’ve spoken at length about this project because it stands out to me as inevitably useful as we live in a post-last-year world, where biometrics readily available to demonstrate health status will be vital. I plan to hold my substantial bag of ID down through the bear, even if that means losing 90%, because it’s just a project I’m not touching. If I’m wrong, I’m wrong, but if I’m right, I think this could be huge. Do your own research on this one, though. As always, but especially with small-to-medium-cap altcoins.

Web3 in general is also an area I’m inevitably bullish on, given the progression of the internet. Handshakes (HNS) is a project offering decentralized domains. It’s pretty much like having your own Linktree, without the Linktree platform middleman. This will be increasingly important for creators amidst censorship insanity, in my opinion. I’ve done sponsored work with Handshake because the team is really cool and focused on education about online privacy and decentralization, so if you see some content from me on Handshake, the use case is what makes speaking on it exciting. The tokenomics are also pretty genius, if reading on that interests you. As always, not financial advice, just an example of what I look for in long-term altcoin holds.

DeFi is also a sector I think, frankly, you’d be stupid not to be bullish on. However, I’m picky about the projects I hold in decentralized finance, as many, even with good intentions, won’t survive. GRT, AAVE, and AMP are general holdings I keep because of their potential to impact the financial sector beyond just this bull cycle, in my opinion. Chainlink is another example of this. There are many to choose from, so again, be discerning, but look to “blue chips” if you do want to hold coins down through the bear for hopes of future gains.

Mercury Retrograde this Month

May 30th until June 22nd, Mercury will be retrograde in its home sign of Gemini. Retrogrades represent reversals or troubles with that planet’s topics, so with Mercury, that means communication delays and travel mishaps. It can also mean that there is confusion or “going back” around market price action. Given we’ve had weeks of consolidation for Bitcoin, I actually think this retrograde could mean finally reverting back to upward price action. However, as always, be careful with technology, and in a financial context, the transfer or trading of any funds as a result.

Closing comments

I’d be amiss not to mention memecoins and my thoughts on theme. I mostly think that they are a symptom of bull market euphoria, though they will most likely be a sector to stick around even if as a passing thought once we are in a more bearish cycle. I have had my fun trading them and have profited pretty well, but I do not recommend that those unwilling to literally stay up all night watching charts do very much at all with memecoins. Especially those new to trading or using exchanges.

Memecoins can 10x in an hour, but exiting at the right time can be tricky if you aren’t watching the charts closely. I’ve made a 20x on one coin by following it throughout the day and getting out at a complacency bounce, but I’ve lost 25x on another because I went to bed while everyone else dumped. So while they are fun, there is a myriad of situations where you will lose far more than you can gain. Therefore, play around with PancakeSwap, by all means, but with nothing more than you’re willing to lose, in my opinion. Because you totally might, as memecoins have an element of gambling. The earlier you are, the better, and don’t get greedy. Set a goal, and get out at that 5x if you hit it. Don’t get greedy and ride a 100x down to a loss.

This is a good contrast to the tech-heavy DeFi projects I plan to hold for years, haha. There is no comparison. But in crypto, we are early, and it might be worth playing around on BSC if your heart calls for it, and you aren’t investing more than you can sleep at night losing.

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