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Disclaimer: Any of the contents contained in this newsletter are not financial advice. Do not buy or sell based solely on what you read here. This is for educational purposes only and does not contain individual financial recommendations for or against certain choices. 

September Newsletter


  • 1st-3rd: Mars in Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces

  • 5th-6th: Venus in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn

  • 6th: New Moon in Virgo

  • 13th-14th: Sun in Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces

  • 16th-17th: Venus in Scorpio square Saturn in Aquarius

  • 20th: Full Moon in Pisces

  • 23rd: Venus in Scorpio opposite Uranus in Taurus

There are two major factors looking strong for the crypto market as we enter this September, one being new, and one being present since this summer.

Venus entered Libra August 16th, where it will be until September 10th. Venus is a planet of not just love and beauty but also wealth and riches, so having it in one of its home signs, the other being Taurus, is very strong.

Jupiter, the other planet of optimistic significations, will be in Aquarius until the very end of the year. It was in Aquarius up until mid-May, then entered Pisces, retrograded back, and re-entered Aquarius at the end of July, where it will be until we finish 2021. Aquarius is an innovative, technologically-focused sign, so having the other planet that can symbolize positive growth in a sign that supports crypto significations is very strong as well.

From the 1st to the 3rd, we do have Mars opposite Neptune, which, even markets aside, can indicate some confusion in the will to power amidst ourselves and others. So the beginning of the month, in overall traditional and crypto markets, seems a bit delusional. I will try to avoid big financial decision-making around then.

The 5th and 6th are also complex as Venus squares Pluto. Squares from Venus are generally positive, but squares involving Pluto, the planet of manipulation and transformation, generally indicate an amount of intensity and upheaval. Therefore the 5th to 6th could either involve clear market manipulation tactics or the feeling of being lied to by a more powerful party.

The New Moon in Virgo on the 6th, however, should continue to correlate with a local top in the Bitcoin chart to then ripple out into the rest of the market. A downtrend locally may ensue, especially as more confusion in general is indicated the 13th-14th with the Sun opposite Neptune. Neptune is a planet that symbolizes both dreams and delusion, for better or worse.

The 16th-17th has Venus now in Scorpio, a sign it is not quite as comfortable in, and square to Saturn, an aspect of tension with the planet of restriction and boundary. So in all general markets, I foresee some regulatory or world event-driven tension leading to a fearful market.

The Full Moon on the 20th, however, should be a local bottom in Bitcoin and then ripple out into the rest of crypto. And on the 23rd, when Venus opposes Uranus, the planet of shocks and volatility, we should see worldwide events that reflect haywire price action across markets.


  • 1st: Mars conjunct BTC Saturn

  • 3rd: Mercury trine BTC Mars

  • 4th: Venus trine BTC Neptune

  • 6th: New Moon in Virgo

  • Trine BTC Sun

  • 10th: Venus square BTC Jupiter

  • 11th: Venus trine BTC Venus + sextile BTC Pluto

  • 12th: Venus square BTC Mercury

  • 13th: Mars trine BTC Jupiter

  • 13th: Sun conjunct BTC Saturn

  • 15th: Venus sextile BTC Mars

  • 18th: Mars trine BTC Mercury

  • 20th: Pisces Full Moon

  • Sextile BTC Jupiter

  • 21st: Mars opposite BTC Moon

  • 22nd: Sun trine BTC Jupiter

  • 22nd: Venus sextile BTC Sun

  • 22nd: Mars square BTC Mars

  • 27th: Venus trine BTC Uranus

  • 27th: Mercury retrograde in Libra begins

We open September on a rough note, with Mars conjunct BTC Saturn. These are the two bearish planets, so together, it is a big caution indicator. However, by the 3rd,Mercury trines BTC Mars, an aspect of strong news to support the market. Venus trines BTC Neptune on the 4th, a very euphoric aspect. I could see this frontrunning a local top to the New Moon on the 6th, the usual indicator for this.

The New Moon in Virgo on the 6th is reliably a local top signal according to the Moon phases. Being trine the BTC Sun, this seems to reinforce the pump up to the New Moon.

Though we likely have a local downtrend after the New Moon, Venus square BTC Jupiter on the 10th does look nice. Furthermore, the 12th has Venus square BTC Mercury and the 13th has Mars trine BTC Jupiter, 2 bullish signals, though the Sun conjunct BTC Saturn on the 13th as well, a more bearish or restrictive signal, could reinforce the downward Moon phase even with momentary bullish signals.

The 15th has Venus sextile BTC Mars and the 18th has Mars trine BTC Mercury, both

very strong signals. I will be looking for strength starting on the 18th, even though the Full Moon is not till the 20th. The Pisces Full Moon is sextile BTC Jupiter, which reinforces the lunar cycle uptrend after the Full Moon. However, on the 21st with Mars opposite the BTC Moon, I am fairly cautious, given this is a big bearish signal. Therefore the Full Moon pump may lag for a bit over a day after, or at least stall.

The 22nd is very mixed. On one hand, we have two bullish signals: Sun trine BTC Jupiter and Venus sextile BTC Sun. However, Mars square BTC Mars is a hard bearish signal. With two positives and one negative, I am cautious that the Full Moon recovery could start to turn the momentum upward again from here.

The 27th has Venus trine BTC Uranus, a positive volatile signal. However, we do close the month, starting on the 27th, with a Mercury Retrograde in Libra. Mercury retrogrades tend to indicate momentary reversals of price action direction, often with reduced volatility. Watch for consolidation or a different direction with less volatility for the next three weeks.


  • Whole month: Saturn retrograde opposing ETH Sun

  • 2nd: Venus opposite ETH Uranus

  • 4th: Mars sextile ETH Mars

  • 6th: Venus square ETH Moon

  • 6th: New Moon in Virgo

  • 7th: Mars trine ETH Moon

  • 8th: Venus sextile ETH Jupiter

  • 10th: Venus sextile ETH Venus

  • 12th: Mars sextile ETH Saturn

  • 17th: Venus square ETH Sun

  • 18th: Mars conjunct ETH North Node

  • 20th: Full Moon in Pisces

  • Sextile ETH Moon

  • 23rd: Venus sextile ETH Pluto

  • 26th: Mars sextile ETH Sun

  • 27th: Mercury retrograde in Libra

This whole month, Saturn retrograde will be opposing the ETH Sun. This is a big caution signal. I will be very actively managing any longs as a result, and not getting too greedy, especially after the New Moon on September 6th.

Anyway, the month does open on a nice note the 2nd has Venus opposite ETH Uranus, the 4th has Mars sextile ETH Mars, and the 6th has Venus square ETH Moon. These are all strong, positive, aspects, as even squares, which are usually harsh and problematic, are helpful whenever Venus or Jupiter is casting the aspect.

The 6th has a New Moon in Virgo, which is generally a local top signal. We can expect a downtrend momentarily until the Full Moon on the 20th. I will say, however, some extremely bullish aspects occur throughout the middle of the month.

The 7th has Mars trine ETH Moon, an extremely bullish sign, and the 8th has Venus sextile ETH Jupiter. Furthermore with the sextiles, on the 10th, Venus will sextile ETH Venus, and on the 12th, Mars will sextile ETH Saturn. The 17th has Venus square ETH Sun, which is very strongly favorable, and the 18th has Mars conjunct ETH North Node. Martian force atop the North Node, a signal of literal acceleration or forward motion, is extremely bullish. This is antithetical to the lunar downtrend, hinting at ETH not having as intense of a correction as usual. Alongside Saturn retrograde opposing ETH Sun, this is extremely mixed with incredible short-term aspects but the long-term Saturn opposition and Moon phase countering that. I assume the Moon phase will still apply but not horribly given the positive bullish daily aspects.

The 20th has a Full Moon in Pisces, which is also sextile ETH Moon, and should mark an uptrend. With Venus sextile ETH Pluto on the 23rd and Mars sextile ETH Sun on the 26th, the 20th-26th does look like a very bullish period. However, on the 27th, Mercury does station retrograde in Libra. As described above, Mercury Retrogrades are often reversals in price action and reductions in volatility. Therefore it could be a period of sideways consolidation.

Overall, for both Bitcoin and Ethereum, I am cautious on the 1st, then largely bullish up to the New Moon on the 6th. With the downward Moon phase but the bullish mid-month aspects, I cautiously see consolidation, possibly with a downtrend till the 20th, but not a shockingly max pain situation. Then the 20th to 26th looks bullish, until the Mercury Retrograde on the 27th into October, which is likely consolidation and less volatility.

Disclaimer: Any of the contents contained in this newsletter are not financial advice. Do not buy or sell based solely on what you read here. This is for educational purposes only and does not contain individual financial recommendations for or against certain choices.

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